Valentine’s Day in Germany


It’s Valentine’s Day in Germany!

And contrary to popular believes, Germans are actually quite romantic, specially when comes Valentine’s Day (Valentinstag)!

On the other hand, unlike English speaking countries and France, they have not been celebrating it in a commercial way for very long time (more or less since after the W.W.II only).

Celebration in Germany

And so, the celebration of Valentine’s Day as we know it today with the cards giving ritual and the little heart shaped gifts or chocolates, spread out from France and England to other countries such as Canada and USA. As mentioned earlier, this celebration is quite recent in Germany. It is thought to have started only after the second world war and it is really aimed towards adults only; no cute little heart shaped cards being given between kids at school. It is a strictly “mature subject”.

download (3)As in all other countries celebrating it, you will find in German stores a full range of romantic paraphernalia; gifts and cards and chocolates specifically made for Valentine’s Day. All in pink and red, of course!

But you will also find an interesting little German twist to these Valentine’s objects: the addition of a pig!  download (1)Thus, you can find little pigs offering flowers, or others laying down on chocolate hearts in rather provocative postures.

These little pigs are the symbol of luck but also of lust. Thus, for extra luck with the love one or the would be Valentine, there are some pigs holding a 4 leaves clover while climbing a little ladder on a heart.

Big Ginger Heart Cookies, Germany

Another important item of Valentine’s day in Germany is the big ginger cookies, made in the shape of a heart and decorated with frosting. They usually have a few words written on them such as: meine Shatzi, Ich liebe dich, etc.

As Germany is much more liberal in matters of sex and erotica than North American countries, you will also find that some of these cookies have messages that are rather more “direct” as to the lover’s intentions than your usual “I love you!”

You can find these cookies for sale in the Weihnachtsmarkt before Christmas too, but they are really popular at Valentine’s day.

images (1)


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